Forever Disguised by Annie Woods

Name- Forever Disguised
Written by- Annie Woods
Published by- Pegasus Publishers
Pages- 325
Ratings- 5🌟
Forever disguised picks up the story of Erica, where First Came Forever left. Erica tries to cope up with the idea that Sasha is either dead or missing and on top of that she is pregnant with his child. Just when things are mad enough for her Tyler comes up with an idea that might either solve all her problems or change her life..for good..or worse. Will Erica accept Tyler's proposal?(Read the book to find out)
●The plot is one of the best part of this book. Well we were all hoping for the twist but glad it happened.
●This book delved further in the lives of Erica and Tyler. The characters felt more real and the readers can easily connect with them.
● The plot moves forward at a moderate pace and the readers can explore the characters more as the story progress towards the main climax.
Personal Views-
I loved this second book of the trilogy, crying and laughing as if Erica's journey was unfolding in front of my eyes. Well Tyler's character progressed well but even then I couldn't like him. May be I'll remain on #teamSasha forever. Lastly I cannot wait to get my hands on the next and the last book of this series.


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